Arsenal 2-0 WBA, Luck and Spirit

For those of you who read my previous article prior to the match with WBA, I specifically talked about luck. If you watched the game or the main highlights, you would’ve easily noticed the amount of luck that was involved with the final result. It’s said that winners make their own luck and we sure as hell made it look like that during the game.
Cazorla looked like he dived(simulated a foul) and he did not! Replays show that Reid had stuck a foot in but I agree that Santi made the most of that bit of contact. So, there was contact and the referee was in a good position to see it. Santi didn’t con him as there was contact but the contact was minimal so it’s a 50-50 to me, and fortunately LUCK went our way and you know the rest.
The other incident involved the Ox(Chamberlain), and similarly there was a bit of controversy involved. Before being brought down by Olsson and earning the second penalty of the evening, the Ox had seemed to foul Popov but the referee let play go on and seconds later Arsenal got a penalty.
One was a very harsh penalty and the other should have never happened because of the foul on Popov. But that’s football, some decisions go your way, some don’t, you just man up and move on. But the match showed that we made our own luck, we attacked relentlessly and pressed heavily. West Brom were under pressure through-out the game and didn’t really put up an attacking threat of their own. Whatever they did conjure up our defense had an answer to, it was simply a top notch performance, Marshaled by Jack Wilshere. It’s astonishing to think that the performance he gave wasn’t even him at his 100%.
Arteta showed us why Wenger had designated him to be the spot-kick taker as he coolly dispatched both kicks and put the Fulham miss behind him. The worrying thing was that we had 18 shots on goal but only 3 were on target, 2 of them being the Arteta penalties but the good thing is that we created so many opportunities with the absence of Theo. Jack, Poldi and Gervinho missed sitters but that shows that the attacking threat is coming back and from all angles.

We needed the win and the midweek rest proved to be vital for the players as they were oozing with energy and had a clear hunger for the ball. I have to say once again, Jack was simply immaculate. Now we have to carry this momentum on to the match with Bradford and qualify for the League Cup semi’s. This trophy could heighten our mentality and belief and could prove pivotal come the end of the season. Arsenal desperately needed some luck and they got it with this match and we must use this victory to springboard ourselves back up the table where we belong.

In terms of EXTERNAL LUCK, the results of the other fixtures could not have gone any better. Swansea lost to Norwich at home, West Ham lost to Liverpool at home, Everton came from behind in injury time and beat Spurs. The table shifted greatly in Arsenals favor as we now sit at 7th, only 2 points behind 4th place and 5 behind 3rd. Now Chelsea will miss 2 gameweeks because of the Club World Cup and if results go our way, we could easily be sitting in 3rd spot behind only the Manchester Clubs.
The title maybe a long shot but Wenger and Podolski believe anything can happen. There are still 23 more games to go with a 15 point gap keeping us from that top spot. I’m remaining very realistic and I would just be happy with the League Cup and 3rd place.

Well in terms of team news for the game against Bradford, Giroud is out with a back knock and the rest is what you would expect it to be. This time however since our next match is on Monday and Wenger wants to make sure of this tricky tie, some members of the 1st team will be involved and we can expect to see a side quite similar to the one that was put up against Olympiakos. Eisfeld I hope will get a chance to shine and I would love it if Rosicky and the young German feature together.

Well in terms of transfer news, the tabloids and papers keep throwing new stories each day. Recently, the one about Ba and his £7.5 million release clause interesting Arsene is turning up everywhere. Simultaneously with the one about Schalke agreeing to sell Huntelaar for £5 million and Zaha, Adrian, Diame and M’Bia also being scouted and eyed. The only story I do actually believe is the one about the King(Henry) returning for a 3rd time and it seems that both clubs have agreed and Henry has got the go ahead. Henry could prove instrumental as Giroud looks up to him and both happen to be of the same nation and speak the same language. Giroud already appreciates his new illustrious surroundings and wants nothing more than to please the fans. He is adjusting to the BPL and its demands and this is exactly where Henry can apply his expertise and help out his fellow country man.
Last time around Henry had a bit of a quarrel with the visiting Arsenal fans at Swansea as we were beaten 3-2. This would be the perfect chance for him to put things right by helping Arsenal knock Swansea out  of the F.A cup at their own turf and it would be a dream 3rd debut for the King, much like his 2nd one against Leeds.

Well I trust in Wenger to sign some well needed quality in the window and I trust in his abilities to guide us to another Chamions League spot. I really hope we can win something this season and the League Cup is our best shot currently so lets hope the boys don’t screw this one up tonight.

Until then, good day and KEEP THE FAITH.


Arsenal – West Brom, The first step on the road to revival.

ameweek 16. W5 D6 L4. Position – 10th. Points 21.
3 more games till we reach the mid-season point and Arsenal are 10th. Seems pretty pathetic doesn’t it? Well it is to an extent but you have to realize that Chelsea who are 3rd have 26 points. This means that the teams betweem 3rd and 10th are only divided by a mere 5 points. Pathetic but it does give us Gooners a lot of hope considering last season Tottenham could have left us 13 points behind them at 3rd and we were well into the second half of the season. Yet we showed what we were made of and finished 3rd showing our true class and potential.
Yes many of you may say that 3rd isn’t good enough and we should be aiming to finish 1st but last seasons start really handicapped us for the rest of the season.
This season though,  brought a lot of false hope(Diaby) but again we must get our heads up and march forth in the race for the Champions League places.

Arsene has become pretty experienced in this race in the past few seasons and I know we can count on this side(plus a few additions in January) to guide us into the top 4. It’s all a matter of hard work, ability and consistency. Add a little luck and we’re there.
Last season Abramovich helped us a lot by sacking Ancelloti and appointed AVB only to sack him a few months into his tenure. This season, it’s a similar story by sacking the better RDM and appointing an incompetent Benitez. EXTERNAL LUCK.
Tottenham crumbled much thanks to Redknapps double minded thinking as he had the England job in his eyes. All that was needed was a demoralizing defeat to their local rivals(Arsenal) and that was the start of their downhill journey. EXTERNAL LUCK.

AVB I’ll admit is doing a good job at White Hart-Lane so we can expect them to be there at the end of the season, giving us some good competition. But thanks to Roman and his greed for the Champions League, he has fired a very capable manager in RDM and hired a complete disaster. Despite their mid-week thrashing of Nordsjaelland, I wouldn’t bet on them to finish in the top 4 as I see Arsenal, Tottenham and maybe Everton fighting it out come the end of the season.

Now onto matters entirely Arsenal(somewhat), I didn’t choose to blog about the meaningless game at Athens as although it was a defeat, it was meaningless, nothing more than a run-out for the reserves and a much needed rest for the 1st team. Yes Schalke slipped up but I couldn’t care any less as I welcome any of the six teams waiting for us in the Round of 16. Why am I so confident? Well, lets just take a quick glimpse at all of them by decreasing order of difficulty;
-Barcalona: They aren’t the same without the inspirational Pep and that shows in the CL if not La Liga. Tito Vilanova isn’t a great manager, he just has a great team and you simply can not lose to Celtic if you’re Barcalona. That defeat gives us hope and their performances against Spartak Moscow were mediocre.
-Bayern Munchen: Top of the league, finished top of their group and are in top form. Anythings possible in football though, a good home performance in the 1st leg would tremendously pressurize them in the away fixture.
-Borussia Dortmund: Yes, they are one of the teams I genuinely fear as not even Real could halt them. But they’re 11 points behind Bayern in the league and will surely have one eye on the Bundesliga. They are missing Sahin and Kagawa and that will show later on in the CL.
-Juventus: By conceding 2 goals away to Chelsea, it shows that they can be hurt. They are a good team no doubt by heavily depend on Pirlo. If we can counter that threat, they are very easily beatable.
-PSG: Topped their group but had an easy one and largely relied on Zlatan. Suffering in the league and the owners are not happy with Ancelloti. Very beatable if our back four can stop the big Swede(Ibrahimovic).
-Malaga: Arguably this years surprise package, are a good efficient team with a good manager. Bound to lose more players in January because of debt and Arsenal would be too much for them as we have their best player.

Ok, so that’s the Champions League for now. With the game against WBA, Wenger had hinted that Podolski and Sagna might not feature because of knocks. A quick look at the team sheet and surprise surprise.
Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Arteta, Wilshere, Cazorla, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Gervinho, Giroud.
Bench: Martinez, Jenkinson, Squillaci, Coquelin, Ramsey, Rosicky, Podolski.
Sagna starts and Podolski’s on the bench.

Not much more I can say about the game besides that it’s a must win like any other and we need to win this. A win could propel us to 6th, 2 points behind WBA, Tottenham and Chelsea.

Until then, good day and KEEP THE FAITH.

An Away Day in Athens for Arsenal – Preview, Analysis and Prediction

ast year, Arsenal finished the group stage phase of the Champions League at Olympiakos and will be doing so this time around as well. Last year though we had already qualified top of the group with a game to spare so the result(which was a shambolic 3-1 loss) carried no serious significance. Fast forward to the present and even though we have qualified, the 1st spot is still out there for contention. Normally Arsene would not let the top spot get away but our league form has forced him to change priorities. Leaving behind most of the starting XI, Arsenal are travelling with;
– Szczesny, Shea.
– Vermaelen, Squillaci, Jenkinson, Angha, Monteiro, Hajrovic.
– Coquelin, Ramsey, Meade, Arshavin, Rosicky, OxChambo.
– Gervinho, Ansah, Chamakh, Akpom.
As you can see, the Squid(Squillaci) is in there which is a worrying sight for me and I’m sure most of you. Besides that it seems like a decent side as I believe the youngsters will thrive under the freedom of a pressure free game. At the same time, this would provide them with precious experience which is absolutely necessary if they are to reach the highest stage one day. I’m quite rattled about the absence of Eisfeld and Gnarby as they are two of our highest rated youngsters and I can only assume that injury or ineligibility is has kept them from travelling with the squad.
It looks to be a good game as the Greek side are undefeated at home this season(domestically) and Arsenal who are exhibiting a side with a youthful aura. I can see both teams conceding goals and my prediction is a 2-1 victory for Olympiakos or a 1-1 draw.
Schalke face Montpellier away and I really don’t see the Germans dropping points there. If they do and Arsenal happen to win/top the group, well that would be a bonus but again I don’t see that happening so I’m not filling myself or you with false hope. Realistically, finishing top wouldn’t place us with an easier side as the likes of Real Madrid, Juventus and PSG await any 1st placed team in the next round.

It’s good to see that Santi and the gang are enjoying a rest which they do deserve. Hopefully it’ll spring them up for the MUST MUST MUST-win game against WBA at the weekend. I along with a vast majority of fans were left shell-shocked after the Swansea defeat as we were left languishing at 10th place. But a closer look at the table gives me hope as I look at it from a positive perspective. Yes we are 10th but only 5 points behind 3rd placed Chelsea, if results go our way at the weekend we will jump up to 6th in only 1 gameweek. It’s not the end of the season Gooners, there are 23 more matches to go, 69(no pun intended) more points to play for and a lot more is to come from this side which will definitely be upgraded in the coming window.
The good thing(s) is that WBA are finally looking like they are about to crumble and this is the perfect time to face them. Roman has signed Benitez who is working wonders at the Bridge(Lol..) and their slump has already started. Bale is injured for 2 whole weeks which means he will miss atleast 2 BPL games for Spurs. Swansea and Everton will get off their hot streaks when their smaller squads will face the wrath of the congested winter period. We just need to get behind the team who I’m sure are well aware about the magnitude of the current situation.
I urge you all to not lose hope just yet as last season we managed to do the unthinkable, lets hope for a repeat of history and lets not lose the faith that we can do it.

If you ever needed evidence that the media is just there to rattle clubs with their stories, 3 separate newspapers wrote 3 so-called exclusives in which Steve Bould allegedly ranted at the players for letting the club down. The immediate morning saw Wenger attacking back by falsifying those claims and ironically retaliated by saying,
“Do you want them to dance when we lose?”.
Well it’s pretty obvious that after a defeat the management of any club wouldn’t be happy with the players but trying to create uncertainty by targeting a teams management and making up false quotes is truly shameful of the press. No wonder Wenger gives stark answers to the reporters when important issues are being asked about. One thing can be turned into a completely other one when the media takes things out of context, which results in uncertainty among the fans and clubs which is done only for the ratings.
Recently Klaas-Jan Huntelaar(Striker-Schalke), Adrian Lopez(Forward-Athletico Madrid), Pepe Reina(GK-Liverpool), Wilfred Zaha(Forward-Crystal Palace) were being talked about and now Demba Ba(Striker-Newcastle) has joined the mix in what the media are definite additions to our squad in the coming month. If none of them join, there would be public outcry as to why did Arsene let them slip away and within minutes it would emerge that Wenger was not ready to pay the clubs a certain fee or the wage demanded was too high. I request all of you to take note that managers are hired by clubs and paid a lot of money because they alone know what and who the club needs, not us, not the media, not the board(someone tell that to Abramovich). One thing Wenger and the fans both agree with is that we need a couple of signings so that I’m pleased with. Lets hope we can sign the right players to guide us to at least 3rd and lets not get pissed when ‘the media’s targeted players for Arsenal’ are not signed.

With a pleasant Arsenal related story from the media for a change, news has emerged that Chairman Peter Hill-Wood is recovering well from his heart attack and is getting better at a good rate. I am very glad to hear this and I’m sure you all are too, lets hope he can get back to normal as soon as humanly possible.

Until then, good day and KEEP THE FAITH.

Arsenal 0 – 2 Swansea, Review & Post-Mortem

t was supposed to be the match that kick started Arsenals mid-season push but it turned out to be nothing less than a bitter reality check. Before the match the Black Scarf Movements walk had shown that there was clear unrest among-st the Faithful and this was the match that was supposed to quiet the groans. But by the final whistle, the pressure had only been mounted on the players, the management and the board. The draw away to Villa was now a better result than Saturdays, such was the magnitude of the defeat. I had prophesied  before that the game would be one of possession and passing and it turned out to be exactly that.
Sadly though only one team turned up and it was the away team. They simply dominated the first half and both teams went in level at the break thanks to Szczesny who made a pair of double saves, giving Wenger a reason to keep Mannone on the bench. But the start of the second half was one of false hope as Arsenal dominated and pressed Swansea down to their D and looked very likely to break the dead-lock. Shots were taken but were saved with ease by Vorms stand in Tremmel as most of them were from outside the box and straight at him. Swansea saw away the Arsenal pressure and nicked it at the end with Michu pouncing on 2 individual errors(Vermaelen & Jenkinson) and dispatching them with ease.

It’s not that Swansea did the Barcelona and outplayed us completely, it’s not that we couldn’t conjure up a single attacking threat throughout the game, it’s not that we didn’t put in an effort. It’s just that fatigue is taking its course on the midfield and our forwards are being stranded upfront. Podolski was invisible, Walcott was wasteful and Gervinho really didn’t look like he was going to be effective. Giroud and Oxlade came on and with them brought some hope but again, they couldn’t do much with the tiring midfield supposed to feed them from behind.
If I were Wenger, I would’ve rested Arteta and started Coquelin to break Swanseas flow in midfield. That would’ve allowed Wilshere more freedom up-front with Cazorla. That might have prevented the late goals from Michu aswell as we would’ve had an extra man in defense. But the match is history now and we must learn from our mistakes and look to the next game, no matter how crushing that loss was.

Naturally I would complain about the things blatantly wrong with Arsenals performance but strangely I can’t seem to make out any of them. One look at the personnel and they look like one of the best Starting XI’s in world football. But on the pitch they are just not gelling. The past Arsenal sides were known for their chemistry and team-play but this side is not working together at all. We don’t look penetrative in the final third and are missing that spark in midfield.
Complacency and inconsistency are what this side reek off. It’s been 15 games now so the ‘new  signings not being accustomed to their new environment excuse’ cannot be waved around anymore. Jack’s back, Santi is happy leading the line, Rosicky is fit and showed it, so what seems to be the problem?

The problem ladies and gentlemen is of our midfield general being Abou Diaby and well we all know about his fitness. Wenger was naive enough to think that Diaby was past his injury problems and chose to take a gamble with his fitness, the same gamble that had worked wonders with RVP last season. Til the game with Chelsea, all was going well, we were undefeated, hadn’t conceded many in the league and seemed to have found a balance in our play. But that game changed everything as Diaby limped off with an injury. The result was that Chelsea out played us through their midfield at our own turf and won the game. Since then the results and performances have gone down the drain(par the away trip to West Ham). I’m glad the January window is only a 4 weeks away and even though there are 7 more matches left before the start of the Transfer Window, I still believe we have enough in this side to see us through this month.

The first thing I want Wenger to do is to find a replacement for Diaby(M’Vila). Diaby simply can’t be relied upon and our Spanish-Duo are looking fatigued and worn out. Before his injury, Diaby handled most of the physical work and shared the defensive burden with Arteta. Simultaneously his technicality and long-legged rampaging ability made him a match made in heaven for Cazorla and Arsenals attacks had a brilliant flow to them. Without him the two Spaniards have too much to do and Jack cannot do Diabys job because he is not that kind of player. In order for a player like Jack to perform to the best of his abilities, a Vieira like player has to anchor the midfield and we don’t have that in Arteta.
Secondly Giroud has way too much to do up alone and the burden on him will increase drastically as Gervinho and Chamakh leave for the African Cup. Adrian and Huntelaar look like potential match winners for Arsenal and we must do whatever it takes to get them both.

Our next match is away to Olympiakos on Tuesday and since we have already qualified and Schalke don’t look like they’d slip up and hand us 1st place in the group, we should be happy with what we have and are expected to play a second string side. There is no need to risk injury and this would bring a welcome rest for the fatigued first teamers. The youngsters will be given a run-out and the likes of Eisfeld and Gnarby(whom Wenger claimed would be given 1st team opportunities this season) have a chance to shine and produce a shock in the Champions League.

Other than that our Chairman Mr.Peter Hill-Wood experienced a heart attack on Friday and I wish him the speediest of recoveries.

Until then, good day and KEEP THE FAITH.

Arsenal – Swansea Preview, Predictions & Analysis

t’s finally Saturday and today Arsenal welcome Michael Laudrups Swans to the Emirates in what promises to be a very attack minded game. Last season it was Arshavins(that’s his face after scoring) goal that separated the sides after a Michel Vorm error. At the start of the season many expected that Swansea would suffer from ‘Second season syndrome’ as Brendan Rodgers left to take over at Liverpool. But the new boy Laudrup has proven to be nothing less than a revelation as the Swans lie 8th with only 1 point separating them from the Gunners at 7th. Maybe they are playing really well or we are under-performing or maybe it’s a case of both.

Looking at both teams recent forms; Arsenal – W L D W D D, Swansea L D D W D W, Swansea are on the back of a good home win against WBA who are lying 3rd while Arsenal did show improvement away at Everton at 5th. The man in-charge bought well with Michu, De Guzman and Hernandez taking well to life in the Bpl and the would be relegation contenders could well be battling for a European place come the end of the season. Arsene for a change chose to bring in experienced faces and our very own trio of Santi, Poldi and Giroo has seemingly come good despite the earlier criticism that was waved at the big Frenchman. Whispers tell me that Giroud and Ramsey are going to be rested and we will see Poldi Theo and Gervinho forming the front three. If what I hear is true then it would be a good way to experiment our front line as all three can interchange positions adding a bit more fluency and not to mention, it would give Theo and Poldi a chance to prove their worth as strikers.

The midfield is expected to stay the same but I would prefer Santi and Arteta to be rested as both look worn out. This would be a good match for Rosicky to make his return despite Wenger claiming that he needs a reserve game first. The home crowd could pump him up and we could see him making those darting runs which we became so fond of last season as the comeback adrenaline boosts him. Similarly Coquelin would thrive under the home crowd and we all know too well that the talented up and comer needs some experience. Jack would have to be on top form and alert or De Guzman and Michu might parade through our back line. The game will be won and lost in midfield as both sides are masters of possession and passing. This really would’ve been one of those games where Diaby could have stolen the show and its so frustrating to not have him in the squad for this tie. But we have to do with what we have as Swansea too are missing their talisman-tic winger Hernandez with injury.

Losing Koscielny(3 weeks) was a blow but losing Sagna(unknown) is an even bigger one as he had just come back into the set-up. Luckily though young Jenkinson has proven to be a worthy understudy which will see him slotting in at RB. As usual Per and Vermaelen will form the central duo and thankfully we’ll have Gibbs at the left. All four would have to be cautiously vigilante throughout the game as lapses in concentration(Sagna @Everton) would be punished for the Swansea attack is too dangerous to tempt. If our midfield presses and does its part when assisting the attack, Szczesny would not be bothered too much as the supply line to Graham and co would be cut out. But Arsenal being Arsenal, one can never know which team will turn up.
After two consecutive away draws I predict this match might turn in Arsenals favor with the home team packing too much talent and ability for the admirable visitors to cope with. 3-1 or 2-0 to the Arsenal is what i reckon. Lets hope I’m right as anything less than 3 points would be nothing less than pitiful.

Before the game there is a scheduled protest by local Gooners ‘Black Scarf Movement’ against the board(not Wenger) in which the idealists want Chairman Peter Hill-Wood to resign and want David Dein(the man responsible for bringing in Arsene all those years ago) to be brought back to administer Arsenal the way it should be. Here’s hoping they do reach their goal somewhere in the near future.

Until then, good day and KEEP THE FAITH.

The January window – Arrivals, Departures & Contracts

Today’s Friday, the last day of November and in a few hours time, it’ll be midnight and the month of December will be upon us. Effectively we are only a month away from the re-opening of the transfer window. Rumors will spread, players will be tapped behind their clubs back(Mourinho and Cashley) and all of the shenanigans that follow the festive period will ensue.

Arsene has already hinted of signing 2 “top-class players” and wants Henry back, again. Chamakh and Gervinho will leave for The upcoming African Cup of Nations(which for some reason is being held twice in 2 years) and we will definitely need another striker as Giroud cant play each and every single game. December and January will see us playing 16 games in just 60 days which is sure to tire to the squad, fresh faces would surely be needed if we are to compete for trophies this time.

No one affiliated with Arsenal would want Theo to leave and Arsene wishes to tie him down to a new contract before the start of the window for that is when his agents can start pre-contract agreements with other clubs. He is the clubs top scorer, has bagged the most assists this season and finally is maturing into the player for whom Wenger paid £12 Million for at only 16 years of age.
From what I’ve heard is that Theo himself wants to stay, Arsene wants him to stay and money is not the issue(Lol..). The dilemma preventing the pen hitting the paper is Theos’ demand for a starting striking role. He feels he has proven to be clinical in front of goal and wants to emulate his hero, Henry who himself was converted into a striker from a wing role. Well I have my fingers crossed and hope he signs soon because I simply cannot see another developed player leave the scene.

But that’s football, players come and go and for that reason we must prepare ourselves for movement. We have been linked with Klaas Jan Huntelaar(29) who is currently a goal-scoring machine and is available on the cheap(no matter what Schalkes’ Manager says) due to his contract expiring in the summer(if he doesn’t sign on). He would be a wonderful addition to the side and could share the goal-scoring burden currently on Girouds’ shoulders. Adrian Lopez(24) is another forward being linked and although his price-tag might be double than that of Jans’, he is younger and offers positional versatility as he can operate on both wings and play as a striker. If we’re lucky we can get them both with the shrewd mentality of Wengers for quite less.
In other news, Arsenal are trying to re-negotiate contracts with Wilshere, Ox-Chamberlain, Jenkinson, Gibbs and Sagna but these are performance based including bonuses and cuts. Seeing that we’re currently 7th and with growing competition, if we do not manage to finish in the top 4, these players would face salary cuts as the club takes further steps to even its books out. Simultaneously if we qualify for the Champions League these players will recieve bonuses. Footballers are ridiculously money driven these days and what better way to make use of this natural mechanism than to add the incentive of financial leverage upon the ’employees’.

But that’s what the press is talking about, what I want to talk about are the current players, bluntly, the dead-wood of the squad;
PLAYER          WAGE/WEEK(000’s)          WAGE/YEAR(millions)      Total
Andrey Arshavin – £80,000             £4.16
Andre Santos – £55,000                  £2.60
Gervinho* – £70,000                        £3.64
Marouane Chamakh – £50,000        £2.60
Tomas Rosicky* – £60,000               £3.12
Aaron Ramsey* – £55,000                £2.86
Abou Diaby* – £50,000                    £2.60
Sebastien Squillaci – £60,000         £3.12                                         £29.4
Johan Djourou – £50,000                 £2.60                                      -£7.38
Lukasz Fabianski – £40,000             £2.08                                     =£22.02


Bendtner – £52,000                          £2.70
Denilson – £50,000                           £2.60
Park – £40,000                                 £2.08

(* indicates talent yet poor form and long term injury lay-offs)

The Arsenal wage structure maybe a humble idea but it is a very impractical one. Benchwarmers and mediocre players are being paid too much and that is keeping other clubs from buying them when we put them on the market. At the same time, we are not able to offer our star players higher wages because they are being wasted on these imbeciles. Effectively for this season we are losing £22 Million and we are spared a further £7 Million due to a three of these leeches at other clubs. It would seem like a massive clear-out but it is a desperately needed one. With their sales Arsenal could generate around £20-30 Million and also minimise their loses on the wages being paid.
If I were Wenger I would sit down with Ramsey and Gervinho and knock some sense into them, this is Arsenal they are representing, not some club like Tottenham. They need to start giving good performances and if not then we should cut our losses and sell them in the summer, good yet not good enough doesn’t cut it at this club.

Diaby on the other hand is a special case, he bosses our midfield and shows glimpses of Toure and Zidane when he’s fit but he’s almost never fit. Wenger personally loves him too much to just let him go but he has to be real, its been 6 seasons now and since that horrific injury against Sunderland he hasn’t managed to stay fit despite the numerous surgeries and treatments.
I would further rant about Rosicky but hes almost done playing, I think it’s his last season and I’ll spare him just for the sake of it. He appears to be finally fit and could give Cazorla much needed rest. He brings a different dimension to the attack and would fit in well alongside Wilshere and Arteta/Coquelin.

If we manage to sell all those players, we would need to replace them and Arsenal need a good LB cover for Gibbs(Yanga M’Biwa), a bossing midfielder(M’vila) because Diaby is just too unreliable, a striker(Huntelaar) for sure and maybe a winger(Adrian) to make us more balanced and threatening.
I’m sure Arsene wont be hesitant to spend this time around as he himself has stated the need for new players(& Henry) so lets hope for the best.

Until then, good day and KEEP THE FAITH.

The Disorder and Post Everton analysis

Today might seem like a normal day to you but not to me. Today marks the day that I finally decide to do something productive about my disorder and start blogging about it. It’s not something to worry about that much but  it’s a bit worrying none the less, my dis-order that is.
Yes, today I start blogging about my obsession; that is my beloved Arsenal to the Earth and all its residents. Too long have I suffered keeping my insignificant views from the world. Today marks a change in my life and quite possibly yours, depending on how seriously you take this post. Lol…

Anyway, it’s the Pride of London you want to read about, not me. This fine Thursday Arsenal find themselves a modest 12 points behind Manchester United, 11 behind City, 5 behind Chelsea and wait for it, West Brom, 2 behind Spurs, 1 behind Everton and are currently lying in 7th place on the back of yesterdays performance. Luckily though these are not the final standings and we have a good 24 game weeks left to catch up and finish in the top 4 at the least.

Yesterday Arsenal traveled to Goodison Park to face one of the toughest sides to face away from home, Everton. They too were in a bit of a rut but David Moyes’ side never gives an easy match and they didn’t. The match ended in a 1-1 draw which was a fair result considering our recent form but in terms of our over-all league form, it is our 6th draw already.

I can’t say we played well yesterday but I can’t say we played poorly either. It was a mixed performance in simple terms and we have a lot of work to do in terms of team-chemistry. The defense looks good, the front-line is firing but the middle-men are just not gelling as well as hoped. Individually the midfield trio are quite frankly the best we’ve had in recent years. The skill and forward movement of Cazorla, the drive, passion and commitment of Wilshere and the calm, subtle and composed mentality of Arteta are on paper a match made in heaven. Sometimes on the field it did appear like that but for most parts of the game they looked a bit jaded and confused about each others positioning.
There was no real connection between the defense and attack and that was the main reason why The Big man(Giroud) wasn’t that visible in the match, the ball simply didn’t get to him. Theo on the other hand got Arsenal off to a flyer with good link-up play with Ramsey and he did his chances of earning a new contract no harm by scoring his 10th of the season.

Unfortunately the ever-reliable Koscielny strained his groin and was substituted straight-away and looks to be out for 3 weeks but lets hope he gets back sooner than expected as we have an 8 game December to look forward to(and the further Djourou is from the first team set-up, the better). On came Gibbs who gave another impressive and assured performance and the same can be said about Vermaelen who slotted back into his preferred CB role alongside the BFG(Per). Oddly enough Mr. Reliable, Sagna had a poor game and his rushed pass to the wrong player(Arteta) resulted in the equaliser from red-hot Fellaini.

Theo, Giroud and even Ramsey played well and had to dig a bit deeper for possession because of our troublesome midfield. Say what you want about Abou Diaby but Arsenal are desperately missing his presence in midfield. Before his unfortunate injury against Chelsea, Arsenal were looking like genuine title contenders. He gave Arteta much-needed support in the center and linked up well with Cazorla, he gave the defense a break and his Yaya-esque runs forward were a sight to see for the Gooners and neutrals but one to fear for the opposition.
He is expected back right around Koscielnys return date and the French duo would be more than welcome back at the helm. With the fixtures piling up the return of Rosicky is like a breath of fresh air as he can give the much fatigued Cazorla a rest and add another dimension to the Arsenal attack. Coquelin( he may not be a fans favourite but Wenger definitely does see something in him) should soon get more starts as Santis’ close buddy Arteta is tiring out and needs a rest.

We could quite possibly see a new midfield in December with Rosicky, Wilshere(who is pretty fresh after his lengthy injury), Ramsey, Diaby(if he comes back and remains fit), Coquelin mixing it up with another un-covered Wenger gem Eisfeld. This is the time where a big squad like Arsenals comes in handy as most of the squad is fit and the youngsters are blossoming well. With the expected return of the King(Henry) we could quite well see a couple of new faces joining the current ensemble strengthening our charge for the Champions League places and the Cups.

We have an up-coming encounter on Saturday with the high-flying swans who sit just 1 point behind us and needless to say it’s a must win game at home. Lets hope the true dominant and classy Arsenal shows up at the weekend and takes all 3-points from the game.

Until then, good day and KEEP THE FAITH.