Arsenal 2-0 WBA, Luck and Spirit

For those of you who read my previous article prior to the match with WBA, I specifically talked about luck. If you watched the game or the main highlights, you would’ve easily noticed the amount of luck that was involved with the final result. It’s said that winners make their own luck and we sure as hell made it look like that during the game.
Cazorla looked like he dived(simulated a foul) and he did not! Replays show that Reid had stuck a foot in but I agree that Santi made the most of that bit of contact. So, there was contact and the referee was in a good position to see it. Santi didn’t con him as there was contact but the contact was minimal so it’s a 50-50 to me, and fortunately LUCK went our way and you know the rest.
The other incident involved the Ox(Chamberlain), and similarly there was a bit of controversy involved. Before being brought down by Olsson and earning the second penalty of the evening, the Ox had seemed to foul Popov but the referee let play go on and seconds later Arsenal got a penalty.
One was a very harsh penalty and the other should have never happened because of the foul on Popov. But that’s football, some decisions go your way, some don’t, you just man up and move on. But the match showed that we made our own luck, we attacked relentlessly and pressed heavily. West Brom were under pressure through-out the game and didn’t really put up an attacking threat of their own. Whatever they did conjure up our defense had an answer to, it was simply a top notch performance, Marshaled by Jack Wilshere. It’s astonishing to think that the performance he gave wasn’t even him at his 100%.
Arteta showed us why Wenger had designated him to be the spot-kick taker as he coolly dispatched both kicks and put the Fulham miss behind him. The worrying thing was that we had 18 shots on goal but only 3 were on target, 2 of them being the Arteta penalties but the good thing is that we created so many opportunities with the absence of Theo. Jack, Poldi and Gervinho missed sitters but that shows that the attacking threat is coming back and from all angles.

We needed the win and the midweek rest proved to be vital for the players as they were oozing with energy and had a clear hunger for the ball. I have to say once again, Jack was simply immaculate. Now we have to carry this momentum on to the match with Bradford and qualify for the League Cup semi’s. This trophy could heighten our mentality and belief and could prove pivotal come the end of the season. Arsenal desperately needed some luck and they got it with this match and we must use this victory to springboard ourselves back up the table where we belong.

In terms of EXTERNAL LUCK, the results of the other fixtures could not have gone any better. Swansea lost to Norwich at home, West Ham lost to Liverpool at home, Everton came from behind in injury time and beat Spurs. The table shifted greatly in Arsenals favor as we now sit at 7th, only 2 points behind 4th place and 5 behind 3rd. Now Chelsea will miss 2 gameweeks because of the Club World Cup and if results go our way, we could easily be sitting in 3rd spot behind only the Manchester Clubs.
The title maybe a long shot but Wenger and Podolski believe anything can happen. There are still 23 more games to go with a 15 point gap keeping us from that top spot. I’m remaining very realistic and I would just be happy with the League Cup and 3rd place.

Well in terms of team news for the game against Bradford, Giroud is out with a back knock and the rest is what you would expect it to be. This time however since our next match is on Monday and Wenger wants to make sure of this tricky tie, some members of the 1st team will be involved and we can expect to see a side quite similar to the one that was put up against Olympiakos. Eisfeld I hope will get a chance to shine and I would love it if Rosicky and the young German feature together.

Well in terms of transfer news, the tabloids and papers keep throwing new stories each day. Recently, the one about Ba and his £7.5 million release clause interesting Arsene is turning up everywhere. Simultaneously with the one about Schalke agreeing to sell Huntelaar for £5 million and Zaha, Adrian, Diame and M’Bia also being scouted and eyed. The only story I do actually believe is the one about the King(Henry) returning for a 3rd time and it seems that both clubs have agreed and Henry has got the go ahead. Henry could prove instrumental as Giroud looks up to him and both happen to be of the same nation and speak the same language. Giroud already appreciates his new illustrious surroundings and wants nothing more than to please the fans. He is adjusting to the BPL and its demands and this is exactly where Henry can apply his expertise and help out his fellow country man.
Last time around Henry had a bit of a quarrel with the visiting Arsenal fans at Swansea as we were beaten 3-2. This would be the perfect chance for him to put things right by helping Arsenal knock Swansea out  of the F.A cup at their own turf and it would be a dream 3rd debut for the King, much like his 2nd one against Leeds.

Well I trust in Wenger to sign some well needed quality in the window and I trust in his abilities to guide us to another Chamions League spot. I really hope we can win something this season and the League Cup is our best shot currently so lets hope the boys don’t screw this one up tonight.

Until then, good day and KEEP THE FAITH.


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